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Don’t fall to empty promises, Uhuru urges Kenyans as he popularizes BBI

President Uhuru Kenyatta drummed up support for the BBI Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020 in Nairobi Friday, reiterating that its proposals will particularly transform the economic fortunes of ordinary Kenyans.

The President tore into opponents of the Building Bridges Initiative, asserting that they are not offering tangible solutions to problems facing the majority of Kenyans.

In what appears to be a stinging attack on hustler campaigns, the head of state called on Kenyans to reject what he termed as empty promises post 2022. According to the President, some of the promises being made by opponents of the BBI only amount to falsehoods.

“I am telling you, take what is being presented to you not what is being promised. You can take the promise later,” He charged

“Why reject (BBI) because you have been promised something else. It’s like someone telling you don’t go to your Kshs.300 work today because there is a Kshs.1000 job tomorrow.   Why are you being lied to? Take what is at hand,” The President posed amid cheers from a charged crowd.

Uhuru further dismissed claims that he was pushing for the adoption of the BBI for his political good. He maintains that he will be going home after the expiry of his term and that he is only interested in leaving the country in good stead.

“As Uhuru Kenyatta, how will I benefit personally when in a real sense I am not even going to be the president? This is for you. It is your right. Why is someone saying you have no right to have it,” He said as he reiterated his promise not to cling to power.

Speaking when he officially opened the Soweto Level 2 hospital and Community Water Supply projects in Kayole, the President said his handshake with opposition leader Raila Odinga was good for the country as it paved way for Kenyans to go about their business without fear of political confrontations that had become the order of the day.

“We resort to dialogue because we don’t want to see people fighting. We don’t want to see neighbors turning against each other because of tribalism. If as leaders we cannot dialogue, then we are leading our people to chaos,” He said.

He noted that ever since we had handshake, the country has had a lot of peace.

“Is that not the case? Aren’t Kenyans living in harmony? Are they not walking together or eating together?  What wrong did I do?” he asked.

He urged Kenyans to rally behind the BBI saying it was the only way to guarantee lasting peace. He says Kenya is at a stage where no leader can rule by force but by embracing others.

“Did we make a mistake by deciding to work together? Babu Owino is here with me, were it not for the handshake, he would be throwing stones at me,” He said

It is at this point that he welcomed the decision by Nairobi County Assembly members to pass the BBI Bill when it came up for debate Thursday.

“I want to thank the Nairobi MCAs for doing a good job in passing the BBI bill with an overwhelming majority,” he said

The President says through BBI, the country is keen to resolve issues that leave citizens constantly fighting.


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