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ODM leader Raila duped NASA colleagues into backing him in 2017, Mudavadi says

Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi has rubbished claims by Raila Odinga that he will not endorse any of his NASA colleagues because they failed to show up at his illegal swearing.

Mudavadi through a statement said that what Raila put out was unfortunate and reeks of indefensible deceit.

“It’s not our wish to get into a spat with Raila. However, it’s important that Raila learns to speak the truth. Raila knows what he alleges against his colleagues is exactly what he did to them – lied to them before sneaking to Uhuru Park,” the statement read in part.

Mudavadi further claims that Raila knowingly faked a swearing-in to accelerate his yearning for a handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta, which he got.

On endorsement, the ANC leader said that Raila was free not endorse whosoever he wishes including the possibility of excluding himself but also clarified that he had no right to deny others their right to demand a political debt owed from him.

“Raila knows he duped colleagues into backing him in NASA in 2017 under the false presence that, win or lose, he wouldn’t offer himself as a candidate. Perhaps the only cowardice in them is allowing Raila to lie to them,” he said.

Mudavadi at the same time urged Kenyans to question themselves on what a man incapable of keeping a vow with friends is capable of if he wields absolute power.

“He hates being reminded that he’s a political con, but reminded he’ll be until he forgoes deceit. Politics of deceit don’t befit a Kenyan leader,” concluded Mudavadi.

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Speaking at a separate event in Machakos County, Kalonzo said he is only seeking the endorsement of God adding that he does not believe in any of the political debts.

“I only seek the endorsement of our heavenly father, who is the same today and forever”, he said.

The former Vice President claims he advised Raila to engage in dialogue with President Kenyatta instead of embarking in the mock swearing-in on January 2018.

“I did what I did to make this country better, it did not happen. Goodness be I am a Senior Counsel and that is the highest rank that an advocate aspires,” he said, “How would I have participated in an illegal, unconstitutional oath, how? I would have disqualified myself because lawyers swear to uphold constitutionality.”

Kalonzo and Mudavadi opened up for the first time about events leading to the mock swearing-in which they skipped claiming Odinga “lied” about his whereabouts on the morning of January 30 only to appear at Uhuru Park alone to take the oath.

The duo recounted the shock and anxiety that gripped the opposition camp as they watched Raila’s entrance into Uhuru Park where he proceeded to take the mock oath as the ‘People’s President of Kenya’.


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