Those Perpetrating Graft Must Be Brought To Justice

That anyone could even begin to imagine that those that have illegally benefitted from corruption in Kenya should be pardoned is morally inept and callous enough to warrant rebuke from Kenyans. Corruption has robbed Kenya of many years of development that those that have perpetrated decades old graft must not only be brought to justice, but also have their illegally acquired properties recovered to benefit of the citizenry.  

While there are no absolute figures, some estimates have projected that corruption is robbing the Kenyan economy up to a third of its annual budget which translates to about one trillion Kenya shillings annual loses. This is one of the reasons President Kenyatta in 2015 declared corruption a national security threat and declared total war on those that perpetrated the vice in the country.

Extending amnesty to the corrupt in the Kenyan society is not a guarantee that graft would cease. As a matter of conjecture, the country is likely to plunge into indefinite calls for pardon whenever money would be lost to merchants of corruption. Such calls for amnesty rather than helping to steer the country out of the abyss of corruption would provide a sanctuary for unscrupulous Kenyans to engage in graft while knowing that they would be pardoned instead of being prosecuted for the ills they commit against the people of Kenya.

The Kenyan taxpayers are the victims of corruption whenever money meant for developing the country is embezzled by the very people who are entrusted to ensure that socio-economic policies and programmes are executed to the benefit of the citizenry. This is the reason Kenyans of goodwill should continue to support President Uhuru Kenyatta’s anti-corruption campaign. The President has helped in creating an enabling environment for the state agencies that are involved in anti-graft war to carry out their work. This enabling environment has enabled the country to successfully prosecute some corruption related cases with some ending in convictions and/or recovery of stolen public wealth.

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