Embrace Peace during this Electioneering Period

As political temperatures continue to build up and different political factions emerge by day, Kenyans should be conscientious and place premium of national peace and unity and coexistence among different communities. The nature of politics is that some political leaders will try to use inflammatory public statements to mudsling their opponents and to balkanize the country into ethic groups for their parochial political interests. Kenyans should be wary and shun any politician that would want to divide the country into ethnic fiefdoms for selfish political gains. Instead, Kenyans should demand from politicians, clear policy articulation and plans that would ensure that lives of the citizenry is improved rather than politics of mudslinging and name calling which portends nothing to socio-economic and political growth. Over the last few years, under President Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenyans have enjoyed unparalleled peace following the truce, christened the handshake between President Uhuru and his erstwhile nemesis Raila Odinga after the general elections of 2018. Arguably, after the 2018 handshake, there has been a noticeable erosion of high octane politics which characterized the 2017 general elections. President Uhuru Kenyatta has remained a strong champion for 

national unity and peaceful coexistence among Kenyans. Gleaning from some of the major socio-economic programmes initiated under the Big Four Agenda, there is almost an equitable distribution of such projects across the country to ensure that every Kenyan whenever they live is positively impacted by the ongoing socio-economic projects. This is a departure from a political past that skewed socio-economic development concomitant to ethno political geography at any given time. The President has consistently implored Kenyans to shun tribal politics and instead inculcate and embrace national ethos to create the spirit of cohesion among Kenyans. 

Electioneering politics stretching far back into the advent of multiparty politics in Kenya have repeatedly witnessed cycles of attendant insecurity which have fueled structural and cultural conflicts and violence to the detriment of socio-economic development in the country. It is against these backgrounds that Kenyans should desist from being used in any form of political scheming to create intolerance and inter-communal or class conflicts by politicians. 

The country is currently charting its way out of socio-economic hardships which have been occasioned by the Covid 19 pandemic and it would be foolhardy for any politician to create unfeasible conditions for economic recovery during this electioneering season. Whichever political factions are emerging, end goal of this seasons’ political campaigns should aim to uphold civility and articulation of issues that most affect the lives of ordinary Kenyans. 

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