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ICC is a diplomatic court that acts on interests, not Law~ Dr Matsanga

Author: Dr. Matsanga David (The writer is a renowned International conflict resolution expert)

INTELLIGENCE REPORTS from inside the Diplomatic circles in The Hague indicate a serious panic as Russia prepares to hit back at the FAKE ICC.

All Diplomats are working flat out to evert a serious backlash against a few compromised officials who have hit a member of the UNSC with arrest warrants.

A panic mode has set in as Russia prepares to issue several warrants of arrest against all ICC officials who issued the warrants of arrest to their officials.

It has been confirmed before or by Monday Russia will hit back starting from Chief Prosecutor of the ICC Karim Khan QC, his Deputy Stuart, President of the court Piotr Hofmański,& all Judges will be on the warrant list of Russia.

The warrants will affect all members of their families, who might be studying or who intend to travel to Russia, or to any Russian friendly countries. They will be impounded.

They will be hit with travel bans starting from Monday 20th March 2023.

I am one of those who TOLD the world a long time ago that ICC is not a SERIOUS COURT. It is a DIPLOMATIC court that acts on INTERESTS, not Law. Now I can LAUGH loud.

I am now LAUGHING LOUD and thanking God for keeping me ALIVE to see my Prophecy come true. It is unfortunately Karim Khan will end his good CAREER here. Very sad.

I struggled with this fake Animal called ICC from 2005 when OCAMPO wanted to destroy my country Uganda. After being compromised, he issued the first warrants of arrest from ICC in Africa against one side of Uganda’s conflict.

Then came 2007-2008 in KENYA. Everybody was SILENT and watching while FAKE OCAMPO was taking my brothers to LIFE JAIL in the ICC. They were innocent.

I struggled single-handedly again on Kenya exposing the FAKE cases of OCAMPO six who had been wrongly picked by the ICC. The cases collapsed. Again am vindicated.

I struggled against Thomas Lubanga, Bemba cases of DRCongo , Ivory Coast, Libyan cases of Seif Gadaffi, and all African cases. The record is there.

Lastly, I investigated how Luis Moreno Ocampo and the PA Silvia Fernández received $17 million dollars from a USA NGO to FIX General Bashir Omar of Sudan and it led to the silent resignation of several people in the ICC.

My struggle for a better and Fair Africa and the world continues.

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